Edward Jones Log In: Access Investment Advices Online

Edward Jones is a popular name in the field of investment planning services. The company provides financial services to those who have a plan for future investment. With a strong team of more than 19000 experienced financial advisors, the company provides their customers with strategic investment planning in order to guide them to make the most of their investment. 

The 100-year old firm explains different types of investment models to their clients. They offer commission-based or fee-based consultation services. 

Online Access

According to CTN News Edward Jones’ investment planning support and services are now available online. ‘Edward Jones log in’ is a gateway point to access the company’s digital platform and specify their investment Goals subject to different criteria such as education, retirement etc. 

The digital platform allows the customers to track their Goals and other goals-related situations. After you log in, you will get connected to your team of advisors and can check your current Goal status. You will also get to see how much progress you have made toward realizing your Goal.

What are the benefits of online access?

There are multiple benefits of online access. You can:

  • Add new Goals, track your progress and stay connected to your set Goals. 
  • Connect to the team of your financial advisors.
  • Check your current Goals.
  • Download your account details and tax data and export information to different tax software.
  • Update your account details and other personal information. 
  • Download electronic documents and view them.
  • Avail other services including fund transfer, bill payment, electronic signature on documents. 

How to access Edward Jones online?

To get online access, you have to sign in ED Jones digital platform. You can log in through their online web portal or your mobile app. We will show you how to do it via step-by-step guides.

Log in through the Edward Jones website:

  • Visit the company’s official website.
  • You will see the Secure Login link at the desktop web portal’s top right corner. Click the link. The Login form will pop up on the screen. 
  • Input your User ID and Password. Click the ‘Log-in’ button. If you have provided the correct User ID and Password, you can access your dashboard page. 

Log in through the Edward Jones mobile app:

You have to start with downloading EJ’s official mobile app. After downloading is done, you can log in to your EJ account through the app. 

What are the advantages of using EJ mobile app?

If you log in through the mobile app, you can have easy access anytime anywhere. You can now track your progress and check your Goal with just a few fingertips. Using your mobile for EJ log in is a convenient option. Furthermore, it is the best way for a secure and seamless experience. 

Customers, looking for investment planning and advices, can access multiple account services via the mobile app. You can:

  • Connect to your team easily. 
  • Get an overview of your account.
  • Check your Goal status via the app dashboard. 
  • Contact any external account to get clear insights that will help you achieve your Goal. 
  • Access different services such as fund transfer, document signing, check deposit in a secure way. 

Sometimes, customers forget their User ID and Password. If it ever happens to you, it is easy to recover your ID and Password through the following steps with product management monday

Step 1: Visit the Edward Jones online login page.

Step 2: You will see “Forget user ID or Password” on the login form. The followings will appear on the next page:

  • Retrieve your User ID
  • Reset your Password

How to retrieve your User ID:

  • Choose the option. You will see a User ID recovery form on the screen. 
  • Enter your DOB in mm/dd/yyyy format, registered email address and Social Security Number. 
  • Click the Next Step button. You will receive an email that contains your User ID. 
  • Open your email address. You can see the online access link in the email. Clicking the link will redirect you to the Edward Jones login page.
  • Input your User ID and Password. Click the Log In button. A page will appear. You need to complete the one-time password verification step to confirm your identity. 

How to reset your Password:

  • If you choose this option, a password reset form will pop up on the screen. 
  • Input your User ID, DOB and Social Security Number. After you are done, click the Continue button.
  • The next screen will ask you to choose one of the following options to get a one-time security code:
  • Text me a code
  • Call me with a code
  • Email me a code

Press the Continue button. Enter the security code. Click the login button. You need to create a new password in the next screen for your online account access. 

So, you see “Edward Jones Log In” is a simple and straightforward way to access different types of services provided by the company on their digital platform. Try it, get their investment advices and build your rosy career.


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